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Toothache? We Can Help!

Tooth pain can affect your daily routine- and often seems to occur at the most inconvenient time. A toothache can have a variety of causes and it is best to contact our Woodbridge dentist office as soon as possible to address the issue and get an appointment scheduled if deemed necessary. At home treatment can include warm rinses, external cold compresses or a pain reliever such as ibuprofen.

Do not place an oral pain reliever directly on the affected area or attempt to repair or remove a loose filling.

Dr. Cavallo will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to identify the cause of the toothache and recommend appropriate treatment that will restore your oral health- and relieve your pain!

Common Causes of Tooth Pain

  • Tooth cavity: pain can be caused by infection that has reached the interior part of the tooth, known as the pulp
  • Tooth sensitivity: patients with sensitive teeth may experience pain when consuming something hot or cold or when exposed to extreme temperatures
  • Tooth grinding: bruxism can cause teeth to become sensitive or even damaged
  • Loose dental filling or cracked tooth

Depending on the cause of your tooth pain, Dr. Cavallo may recommend a dental filling, root canal, mouthguard or at home dental products such as toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Restoring your oral health is important to prevent further damage or infection.

A toothache can often be avoided with routine dental care. Regular visits with Dr. Cavallo in his Woodbridge dentist office provide he and his staff the opportunity to spot developing dental problems such as worn, damaged or decayed teeth before they become a painful problem! Addressing these issues early can keep your smile healthy and enable Dr. Cavallo to treat them conservatively.