Many health studies have consistently shown the correlation between your oral health and overall health and well being. Just as the eyes are considered the “window to the soul”, the mouth can be considered the window to your physical condition. More than just a matter of “you are what you eat”, we have learned that bacteria in the mouth can make its way into the bloodstream and have an affect on our heart, immune system and how our body is reacting to systemic diseases, such as diabetes.

Dr. Cavallo emphasizes the importance of routine dental care because of the many benefits that good oral health provides for patients, including improved physical health. The foundation of our Woodbridge dental practice is comprehensive preventive care that involves a thorough evaluation of your teeth, gums and the functionality of your jaw joints and bite. Dr. Cavallo goes beyond making sure that your teeth and gums are clean and free of decay and disease, taking the time to look for instability and underlying dental problems that can compromise your oral health and the results of any dentistry down the road.

A healthy and functional bite not only provides a smile you feel good about, it also plays a role in daily quality of life. Bite problems, damaged teeth, gum disease and missing teeth are just a few of the dental problems that can ultimately affect your ability to eat and speak normally as well your self confidence in your appearance. Dr. Cavallo helps patients establish, maintain and restore their natural smile with personalized dental care focused on your unique needs and goals.

Reasons For Poor Oral Health

Here are a few reasons why patients may be suffering with poor dental health and how we can help restore it:

  • Fear of the dentist: one of the top reasons for poor oral health, dental anxiety can keep anxious patients from receiving the dental care they need. Dr. Cavallo welcomes patients who have dental anxiety and works with them to find a solution that allows them to feel relaxed and confident in our Woodbridge dental office.
  • Undiagnosed dental problems: underlying dental problems such as TMJ and other bite disorders can be the cause of chronic dental health concerns. Dr. Cavallo is a Dawson trained dentist and has the knowledge and experience necessary to diagnose and treat these complex issues for lasting oral health.
  • Periodontal disease: gum disease is a leading cause of poor oral health and tooth loss. Dr. Cavallo screens for periodontal disease during your visits to our office, looking for early signs of gum disease to prevent bigger problems.

Ready for a healthy smile that will also support your physical well being? Schedule a visit with Dr. Cavallo for the individualized dental care that will meet all of your oral health needs.

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