The New Year often begins with health oriented resolutions as we all look to improve our quality of life through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. This year, consider adding better dental health to your list of New Year Resolutions!

Woodbridge, VA dentist Dr. Cavallo offers personalized dentistry with a focus on long term oral health and a comfortable, functional bite. There are many dental treatments and procedures available today to help you address the aesthetics of your smile and provide the look you desire, but Dr. Cavallo ensures that your dentistry also supports lasting dental health and quality of life. If underlying dental problems are not addressed, many patients find themselves seeking re-treatment, with results that are less than expected.

Dr. Cavallo takes time to educate patients on the importance of dental health for both overall physical well being and a good quality of life each day. Your dental health can impact your ability to eat a healthy diet, speak clearly and also affect the risk for and/or severity of various diseases. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums offers many rewards, especially as we age. Many studies have consistently shown the “mouth-body” connection: poor oral health can affect cardiovascular disease, systemic diseases and even prenatal health.

As your dentist, Dr. Cavallo takes time to understand your oral health, medical history and personal goals and concerns in order to provide individualized care for the best possible results. He believes that effective dentistry is a dentist-patient collaborative process over time, helping patients to achieve not only optimal oral health, but a smile they are proud to share with others every day.

Looking for a new dentist this year? Contact Dr. Cavallo in Woodbridge, VA and schedule an appointment. Get back the smile you need to enjoy a healthy lifestyle in 2016!

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