Woodbridge, VA

Dr. Joseph Cavallo offers more than exceptional dental care at his Woodbridge VA dentist office. Highly trained and experienced, Dr. Cavallo began his private practice in 1985. Dedicated to continuing his dental education, Dr. Cavallo and his compassionate staff offer state of the art dental technology and personal attentive care for all of your oral health needs. Many of Dr. Cavallo’s patients are long time returning clients due to the comprehensive dentistry Dr. Cavallo offers.

What Our Patients Are Saying…

If you have a dentist who instills the same feeling of trust in you then count your blessings. If you are looking for someone then I can highly recommend Dr. Cavallo. He and his highly trained, caring staff will provide you with the finest dental care possible. They always give you their very best and they manage to do so in ways that make you feel like someone who is important to them, not just another patient. Carol

I have been grinding my teeth for years and it was becoming clear that if left without correction i would be endangered of losing my teeth. Dr. Cavallo developed a long term solution to the problem. The plan was clearly explained to me and carried out in a methodical manner. The result is wonderful. My teeth look perfect, even, and the color blends in with my natural teeth. While I may still grind my teeth my mouth guard protects my crowns from damage. Quite a turnaround from before. John

We were new to the area and looking for a dentist in 1995. We were referred to Dr. Cavallo and have been with him since. We were very pleased, obviously and have always been completely satisfied with the personal and professional care Dr. Cavallo and his staff have provided over the past 17 years. Lea

If you are ready to find out first hand why Dr. Cavallo and his team receive such outstanding reviews contact our office or schedule an online appointment today. We welcome new patients to our Northern VA dentist office.

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