479345487Brushing your teeth should be a regular part of your daily routine. Like all routines, sometimes we get stuck in a rut, and may pick up some bad habits. When it comes to your oral hygiene, it is important to stay diligent and make sure you are aren’t falling into bad brushing habits. Woodbridge dentist Dr. Joseph Cavallo emphasizes the importance of preventative oral care for all of his patients.

Bad Brushing Habits

  1. Bad Brushing Habit: Brushing Too Rough
    Why It’s Bad: Rough brushing can wear away at your enamel and damage your gums. It is never necessary to brush roughly. Studies show that brushing harder is not more effective than a gentle cleaning.
    What To Do: Brush gently over all tooth surfaces (front and back) and along the gum lines. A gentle, thorough, 2 minute brush is all your teeth and gums need to get clean.
  2. Bad Brushing Habit: Brushing With Hard Bristles
    Why It’s Bad: Hard bristles do not clean as effectively as soft bristles. Hard bristles are not as malleable and can not get to the those hard to reach crevices in between your teeth. Hard bristles can miss dangerous plaque or food build up. Hard bristles can also irritate your tooth enamel or gums.
    What To Do: Always look for soft bristled brushes. Soft bristles are less likely to irritate your soft tissue and is gentler on your tooth enamel.
  3. Bad Brushing Habit: Not Brushing For the Full 2 Minutes
    Why It’s Bad: Studies show that most people only brush for 45 seconds, that is not even half the recommended time for brushing. Brushing quickly probably means you are leaving behind food debris, plaque and tartar on your teeth.
    What To Do: Make sure you are brushing for a full two minutes. You can set a timer on your phone, or listen to your favorite two minute song. Brushing for a full two minutes will help prevent cavities, gum disease, and many other oral health conditions.
  4. Bad Brushing Habit: Skipping Trips To The Dentist
    Why It’s Bad: Even if you think your teeth and gums are healthy, it is important to visit the dentist twice a year for an oral exam and professional dental cleaning. No matter how diligent you are with your brushing and flossing, other oral health concerns could arise.
    What To Do: Schedule your yearly dental appointments with our Woodbridge dentist office. Dr. Cavallo provides a full range of cosmetic, restorative and general dentistry treatments for your optimal oral health. Regular wellness visits to the dentist office can enable early diagnosis for conservative dental care. We welcome new patients, so if your New Year resolution is to restore a healthy smile, contact our Northern VA dentist office to schedule your appointment.
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