Toothache pain, Woodbridge, VAIf you suffer from chronic headaches and facial pain, you may grind your teeth. Also known as Bruxism, teeth grinding can occur while a patient is sleeping or may be caused by stress-related jaw clenching.
What many patients do not realize is that bruxism can cause damage to your teeth and other long-term oral health problems. Woodbridge dentist Dr. Cavallo can spot the signs of teeth grinding and offers comprehensive treatment planning for patients with TMJ related pain.

Dr. Cavallo will work with patients on an individual basis to identify the possible causes for teeth grinding and help build a treatment plan specific to their oral health needs. Tooth grinding and jaw clenching are often a result of an imbalanced bite.

Knowing you grind your teeth may difficult to know as it often occurs during sleep. If you suffer from any the below symptoms on a regular basis, you may grind or clench your jaw. If you do, contact our Woodbridge, VA dentist office to schedule a consultation to prevent further damage to your teeth and gums.

Signs and symptoms of teeth grinding

  • Frequent headaches
  • Jaw and/or neck pain
  • Chipped or damaged teeth
  • Worn, flat looking teeth
  • Frequent ear pain, fullness

Treatment Options for Teeth Grinding

Dr. Cavallo offers treatment options for teeth grinding. Custom fit mouthguards are often used during sleep to realign the jaw and protect the teeth from further damage. Many patients who use custom sleep guards experience almost immediate relief of their facial pain.

For some patients, crooked teeth or misaligned bites can cause grinding or clenching. Invisalign can help realign their teeth and jaw to help eliminate bruxism and related discomfort. Dental crowns and tooth bonding can be effective cosmetic dental treatments for bringing the bite into alignment to relieve pain and protect teeth.

Schedule A Consultation

If you suspect or know, that you clench or grind your teeth, contact our Woodbridge dentist office. Dr. Cavallo can help you restore your smile and protect it from future damage. Stopping your bruxism may relieve daily aches and pains and improve your quality of life.

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