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sports mouth guard woodbridge vaAre you looking for a mouthguard you do not have to worry about while playing sports? Too many times we hear that our patients are struggling to try to keep their mouthguards in while playing a game. Or worse, they take them out during a game due to frustration, leaving their smiles vulnerable to impact trauma. Woodbridge, VA Dr. Cavallo provides an alternative to over the counter boil and bite mouthguards. Custom designed and fabricated, our mouthguards fit your teeth with precision so you can play your best.

Play Better With A Custom Fit Mouthguard

  • Better fit: Custom fit mouthguards are one of a kind oral appliances that are designed specifically for your teeth and mouth for the best possible fit.
  • Better breathing: When you are giving a game your all, you need to breathe properly. Over-the-counter mouthguards can inhibit efficient breathing. Custom-made mouthguards are designed to allow for a natural air flow so you can breath better.
  • Better focus: When you do not have to worry about your mouthguard slipping out or obstructing your breathing, you can focus on the game. Many athletes report that they play better with a custom mouthguard.
  • Better protection: Your teeth are important, and with nearly 40% of all dental injuries resulting from sports-related accidents, protecting your teeth is important.

Custom Mouthguards

Getting a custom mouthguard is a simple and pain-free procedure. Custom impressions will be taken of the teeth and jaw. These impressions will be turned into a mold of your bite. The mold will be used to fabricate a mouthguard. Once fabricated, Dr. Cavallo will make minor adjustments to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. A properly fitted mouthguard should allow patients to speak, drink and breath normally.

Schedule A Consultation

Custom fit mouthguards are a great alternative to over the counter options for patients of all ages. Contact us today to learn more about our custom mouthguards. Give us a call at [new_patient_phone], or request an appointment online today.

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