Thomassique, Haiti is a small rural town on the border of Dominican Republic and Haiti. Thomassique is a traditional Haitian farming town where the majority of the community lives of their own crops. Community members are often seen snacking on sugar cane while taking refuge from the midday sun or taking the long hike to collect drinking water.

Bringing Oral Health To Haiti

In 2006, Medical Missionaries built St. Joseph Clinic, Thomassique’s first permanent medical center. Dr. Cavallo has partnered with Medical Missionaries since 2013 helping to bring resources to a community in need of dental health care. Dr.Cavallo is proud to have served the Haitian town of Thomassique with dental services for over 4 years.
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Having previously traveled with his daughter, a Neuroscience major at Columbia University, Dr. Cavallo always travels with Father John O’Hara a local priest of Banica, DR. Father O’Hara serves as a translator and community advocate with his extensive knowledge of local culture. Dr. Cavallo donates medical supplies, dental instruments, and his time to help enhance the communities dental health.

Patients travel from all over the region to receive dental care from Dr. Cavallo during his stay at the clinic in Thomassique. Many patients receive tooth extractions for severely decayed or damaged teeth. Tooth decay and periodontal disease are the leading dental health concerns facing the residents of Thomassique due to a lack of oral hygiene. Because equipment and supplies are limited, tooth extractions are often the most effective way to relieve a patient from their discomfort and prevent further damage to their teeth and gums.
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This year Dr. Cavallo and Medical Missionaries received a large monetary donation through the Catholic Church. Dr. Cavallo was able to purchase new, portable dental equipment for the Thomassique clinic. This new equipment will enable Dr. Cavallo and the local technicians to provide safer, more effective dental care.
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Dr. Cavallo has begun to develop and implement a new oral hygiene program in the local schools to promote preventative dental care. Through patient education, Dr. Cavallo has helped children, teachers, and parents learn the basics of oral hygiene in efforts to reduce tooth decay and encourage better overall oral health and well being. Dr. Cavallo was able to secure several donations of toothbrushes and toothpaste from dental supply companies to give residents access to high-quality tools to promote oral health.

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