It is the season of giving but Woodbridge, VA cosmetic and general dentist Dr. Joseph Cavallo extends this sentiment throughout the entire year. In a recent article published by The Arlington Catholic Herald,  writer Mary Stachyra Lopez highlights Dr. Cavallo’s charitable contributions to those in need made over the last decade. Working closely with Holy Family Church in Dale City, Dr. Cavallo gives what he knows best- healthy smiles.

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The Arlington Catholic Herald.

dr cavallo donating holy family dentistry woodbridge va

Dental Health Care For Those In Need

To date, Dr. Cavallo has donated between 25-30,00 dollars in dental care services to the parishioners of Holy Family just this year. Dr. Cavallo tries to see on average 10 patients a month, but worries about the patients he has to turn away due to time restraints. Dr. Cavallo encourages all medical professional to give the gift of their talent and time to enrich the lives of others.


“I think my contribution is just one little grain of sand along the beach. I would encourage anybody — a dentist, nurse, physician, to help me out and contribute some more little grains of sand. If we all contribute, I think we can make this world a better place.” Dr. Cavallo from Struggling to find health care, people sometimes look to their parishes by Mary Stachyra Lopez.

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