Sedation dental care woodbridge va Yes, you can overcome dental fear. As an experienced dentist, Dr. Joseph Cavallo has seen it all. Dr. Cavallo and our dental care team understand that many patients experience dental fear. When dental fear prevents patients from receiving much needed dental care, then it may be time to call in reinforcements. At our Woodbridge, VA dental practice, we encourage patients with dental fear to visit our office. We offer compassionate, patient-centered dental care to improve patient smiles. We can work with you to create a comfortable, relaxing experience at our Woodbridge, VA dental office. If you are dealing with dental fear, we encourage you to visit Woodbridge dentist, Dr. Cavallo for the dental care you need to improve your smile.

Managing Dental Fear

One of our goals is to create a more exceptional experience for our patients. Dr. Cavallo takes the time to understand your dental needs, fully examine the teeth and gums, and keep you well informed on all aspects of your examination and treatment. Dr. Cavallo will work with you to create a space where you feel safe, informed, and acknowledged.

We encourage all patients to visit our Woodbridge dental office every six months for a preventive care exam. Dr. Cavallo will perform a thorough examination of the teeth, mouth, and gums to search for any signs of dysfunction. With the results of the comprehensive exam, Dr. Cavallo will create a treatment plan that works best for you. Patients can feel free to ask any questions they may have regarding their treatment. Dr. Cavallo will work with you to manage your dental fear. One of the most effective ways to manage dental fear and anxiety is sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is a great way to help patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their treatment. We offer two types of sedation in our Woodbridge dental office: Oral Sedation Dentistry and Nitrous Oxide Sedation.

Oral Sedation: Oral sedation is administered through a pill. The pill is taken prior to your treatment. During oral sedation, patients will remain awake and completely relaxed throughout the treatment. Most patients report having little to no memory of their procedure. 

Nitrous Oxide: Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is administered through a special nasal mask. Nitrous oxide helps patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their procedure. The effects of nitrous oxide only occur when wearing the mask. Once the mask is removed, the effects of nitrous oxide diminish.

Schedule An Appointment

We offer patients focused, comprehensive dental care in our Woodbridge, VA dental office. Dr. Cavallo has undergone numerous hours of advanced education to provide patients with exceptional dental care. If you have experienced dental fear and you are searching for an experienced, compassionate dentist, visit Dr. Cavallo. To schedule a consultation, call 703.493.1203 or request an appointment online.

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