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Joseph P. Cavallo DDS, MAGDA bright, beautiful smile is often associated with oral health and wellness. While the smile is an individual’s first impression to others, it may be imperfect or stained. Thanks to continued advances in cosmetic dentistry, patients can visit their dentist for professional-grade whitening services.

What sets professional products apart from over-the-counter alternatives?

You may have seen a wide range of whitening products at the local drugstore. These over-the-counter products may include treatments such as whitening pens, strips, or trays. While these may be effective for patients seeking minimal whitening, they may not be the best choice for those who want a dramatic improvement. Instead, patients who want to brighten their smile up to eight shades whiter within a few weeks are encouraged to ask our team about our professional whitening options.

Dr. Joseph Cavallo believes that the best method of brightening the smile is with professional-grade whitening trays and bleaching gel. Our practice takes impressions of the patient’s smile to create a mold for the fabrication of trays for both the top and bottom dental arches. These trays fit snug over the patient’s teeth to ensure proper coverage when the whitening gel is administered into these trays. Patients use the whitening gel and trays every day for several weeks to gradually brighten the natural tooth enamel.

How can I maintain my results?

Professional-grade whitening can provide amazing results—but how do you keep them? Dr. Joseph Cavallo encourages patients to:

· Avoid food and drink that can stain the teeth, or swish water after consuming to reduce staining
· Maintain routine dental visits at the practice for cleanings and evaluations
· Use their whitening trays every few months as a touch-up treatment
· Take good care of the smile with brushing and flossing after every meal

Schedule an appointment today to discuss professional teeth whitening

Dr. Joseph Cavallo of Woodbridge, VA is here to help men and women with a wide selection of cosmetic services. If you have been considering brightening the smile with teeth whitening solutions, we welcome you to book a consultation visit with our team to discuss treatment. The office is located at 12502-A Lake Ridge Drive and can be reached at (703) 490-5888.

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