diabetes Did you know that there are many health conditions that can be determined based on your smile? There are over 120 known medical problems that can be detected in the mouth. This includes blood diseases, bulimia, and cancer. But did you know that diabetes can present in the mouth as well? The association between diabetes and periodontal disease is an important one, and is critical to helping patients maintain healthy smiles. Over 30 million American have diabetes, and every year, new cases are continuing to develop. 

What is diabetes? 

Diabetes is an often chronic condition that is caused by the body’s inability to create its own insulin to regular blood sugar levels. Some diabetics have low blood sugar concerns, while others may have high blood sugar concerns. Diabetes is known for making it more difficult for the body to fight off infections of the body, which in turn makes diabetics more at risk of developing infections in the mouth that can lead to periodontal disease. 

How periodontal disease can be impacted by diabetes 

Patients with diabetes have a much higher risk of developing periodontal disease. This is because it is an inflammatory disease. It can make it difficult for the body to properly manage healthy blood sugar levels, thus making it more difficult to manage diabetes. Alternatively, if you are not properly managing your diabetes and keeping your blood sugar levels in the healthier ranges, it can make healing from periodontal disease much more difficult. 

Patients who have periodontal disease may find that they have other conditions and medical problems, such as increased risks of strokes and heart disease. This is because the infection in the mouth can spread through the bloodstream, resulting in concerns regarding the oral systemic connection. 

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? 

If your primary care physician has given you a diagnosis of diabetes and you are interested in learning the impact it can have on your oral health, contact Dr. Joseph Cavallo today to discuss ways to maintain a healthy smile. Call the office at (703) 490-5888 to request a visit at 12505-A Lake Ridge Drive. Our team of professionals are ready and willing to help new and established patients and families with their oral healthcare needs at our advanced dental facility in Woodbridge, VA.

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