iStock 535401869 Both dental veneers and dental crowns are commonly used in dentistry. They are restorations that are made from porcelain to repair the smile. However, while there are a few similarities between the two, this is where they stop. Many patients are confused about which one is best for their needs. Dr. Joseph Cavallo and his team in Woodbridge, VA work with patients to help them fully understand the difference. 

What are the similarities between dental crowns and dental veneers? 

Both crown and veneers: 

  • Are made from materials such as porcelain
  • Are fabricated to mimic the appearance of the existing teeth for seamless integration
  • Are extremely thin and bond onto the tooth
  • Use the same type of dental adhesive
  • Have similar preparations including the removal of natural tooth enamel

What are the differences between dental crowns and dental veneers? 

When it comes to what sets each restoration apart, patients need to make note of the following: 

  • Dental crowns cover all of the tooth’s exposed surfaces, while veneers only cover the front
  • Dental veneers are not strong enough to protect a tooth and give it more strength like a crown can
  • More natural tooth structure is removed to place a dental crown versus a dental veneer
  • Dental veneers are more of an aesthetic procedure while dental crowns are more of a restorative procedure

Which one is right for me? 

To determine the best restoration for a patient’s smile, Dr. Joseph Cavallo encourages patients to book a consultation visit and initial evaluation at his office. During this time, he can assess an individual’s specific needs and make knowledgeable recommendations based on this information. Both veneers and dental crowns are readily available at his practice. 

Request a consultation appointment 

Dr. Joseph Cavallo and his team in Woodbridge, VA believe in utilizing the proper restorations to repair the smile. Whether you are considering a dental bridge or a porcelain veneer, he can assist in making an educated decision and knowledgeable choice. Call the office at (703) 490-5888 to request a consultation visit at 12502-A Lake Ridge Drive. We are open to new patients and families considering quality dental care in their community.

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