Woodbridge, VA

Many people avoid the dentist for a variety of reasons, and those who do frequently develop dental health problems that begin to affect daily quality of life. Avoiding the dentist can also compromise overall health as studies have shown the connection between poor oral health and an increased risk of cardiovascular and systemic disease. In those more prone to these health concerns, poor oral health can also increase the severity of disease.

Northern Virginia dentist Dr. Cavallo offers sedation dentistry to help those who struggle with dental anxiety to restore and maintain their dental health. Dr. Cavallo and his staff understand the wide range of fears and concerns patients may have and they take the time to discuss patients’ concerns when it comes to dentistry. For many, gaining a better understanding of a dental treatment or procedure can put their fears to rest and enable them to receive the dental care they need.

Dr. Cavallo offers sedation options including oral sedation, in the form of a pill, and nitrous oxide sedation in his Woodbridge dentist office. Both are non needle sedation options that allow a patient to be in control their bodily functions and responsive, but fully relaxed during treatment. In most cases, they have no memory of the procedure. The use of sedation dentistry can often enable patients with dental anxiety to receive several dental treatments during one visit!

Watch this short ADA video for a better understanding of how nitrous oxide works and what to expect at your visit with Dr. Cavallo:

If you have been avoiding the dentist, we want to welcome you back and work with you to ensure your comfort while restoring your oral health. Dr. Cavallo can discuss the benefits of sedation dentistry and help you decide if it is right for you.

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