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Dr. Joseph Cavallo is a general dentist in Woodbridge VA, offering a full range of dentistry services for the treatment and prevention of both common and complex dental problems.

Dr. Cavallo emphasizes the importance of both good at home oral hygiene and routine preventive care in maintaining lifelong dental health. Preventive care visits provide the opportunity to spot developing dental problems in the early stages when conservative treatment options are more effective.

Dr. Cavallo believes that the best dentistry is a collaborative process between the dentist and patient. He will take time to listen to your needs and goals and then develop a personalized treatment plan to help you get the smile you desire.

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April is oral cancer awareness month. Oral cancer can develop anywhere in the mouth, throat, cheeks, tongue, and gums. Although men are diagnosed at a higher rate, women can also develop oral cancer. It’s important to schedule regular preventive care visit to a trusted dentist.

Dr. Cavallo provides routine oral cancer screenings during your preventive dental care exam. Preventive dental care allows your dentist to perform detailed screenings for complex dental problems, including oral cancer. Oral cancer is often under-diagnosed or diagnosed in the later stages because patients don’t visit the dentist regularly. We encourage our patients to visit our Woodbridge dental office at least twice a year for a comprehensive exam and routine screenings. An oral cancer screening only takes a few minutes out of your visit. If oral cancer is suspected, Dr. Cavallo may recommend a biopsy to determine if you have developed oral cancer. We will work with you to coordinate the next steps in your treatment.


Oral Cancer Symptoms:

  • a sore throat
  • white or red patches in the mouth
  • difficulty chewing or swallowing
  • pain in the ears
  • a lump in the mouth or throat
  • swelling or pain in the jaw
  • sores or lesions in the oral cavity

Risk Factors Associated With Oral Cancer:

  • age
  • gender
  • HPV exposure
  • tobacco use
  • alcohol consumption

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should schedule an appointment today. Dr. Cavallo can work with you on ways to improve your oral health and possibly lower your risks.

In 1995, we moved to the area and were looking for a dentist. We were referred to Dr. Cavallo by a friend and have been with him ever since. We are very pleased and completely satisfied with the personal and professional care that Dr. Cavallo and his team have provided over the past 17 years.


I had an accident when I was young and as an adult, I had a 6 tooth bridge that replaced my upper most visible teeth. Unfortunately one of the anchor teeth became decayed. It was at that point that I decided to get dental implants. I love my dental implants. They are beautiful and I can eat anything I want without being afraid of breaking them. Dr. Cavallo is a perfectionist and makes sure that everything is done correctly. I’m very happy with all the services that I received from his practice.


I needed to find a new dentist after a previous bad dental experience. A relative recommended Dr. Cavallo. I had a toothache and he took care of my problem painlessly. I knew then he would be my dentist of choice to handle the extensive dental work I required. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of my dental care, and would recommend Dr. Cavallo to anyone requiring dental work. My mouth hasn’t felt or looked so good for many years.




Our examinations are completely thorough and help us to identify underlying problems that can cause functional and cosmetic dentistry concerns. A dental exam with Dr. Cavallo typically includes:

  • Digital dental x-rays
  • Other diagnostic dental imaging
  • Screening for gum disease, tooth decay and oral cancer
  • Occlusal analysis and examination of temporomandibular joints (TMJ)


Dr. Cavallo uses a variety of comfortable and highly effective tools to assist in your professional dental cleaning, including the Cavitron® ultrasonic scaler. This advanced technology uses high frequency sound waves (instead of metal scrapers and hand scalers) to clean teeth.

The Cavitron method is not only gentle and pain free, but has been proven effective in removing tartar from both above and below the gum line. We use these ultrasonic scalers for regular cleanings as well as for more advanced periodontal treatments.


Dr. Cavallo is currently accepting new patients! Give us a call at (703) 490-5888, or request an appointment online today. Our practice serves Woodbridge, VA, and the surrounding areas.

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