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This patient came to our Woodbridge VA dental office concerned that her upper front teeth were chipping and wearing thin on their biting edges.Her dental exam revealed the bad bite was causing the wear on the edges of her front teeth. After treating the bad bite with braces, Dr. Cavallo restored her front teeth with …

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Tom fractured his front tooth as a teenager. The tooth eventually abscessed because of a cracked root. Dr. Cavallo extracted the tooth and placed a dental implant. After the implant was placed, a dental crown was secured, restoring both esthetics and function. Tom now has a healthy, confident and pleasing smile. “Dr. Cavallo’s been my …

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Steve had been very afraid of having dental treatment done and had been avoiding dental treatment for years. As a result, none of his upper and lower teeth could be restored and required extraction. He was very apprehensive about wearing a lower removable denture because most of his friends were unhappy with the looseness of …

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Karen presented to our Northern Virginia dental office with an old plastic filling on her front tooth that was wearing away. After discussing the treatments options with Dr. Cavallo, Karen decided that tooth bonding with an esthetic composite material was the best restoration. The before and after photos speak for themselves. The beautiful results provide …

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Diane came to Dr. Joseph Cavallo embarrassed about her “gummy” smile. After some cosmetic periodontal plastic surgery to remove the excess gum tissue, Dr. Cavallo restored her upper front teeth with esthetic porcelain dental crowns. She now smiles with confidence.


Agnes came to our Woodbridge dental office with severely damaged upper teeth. She mentioned that she couldn’t chew her food properly because of several missing back teeth. Unfortunately, none of her upper teeth were restorable and required extraction. She was understandably concerned about having the teeth extracted and then waiting for the denture to be …

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