diabetes and oral healthDiabetes has been a major health concern for a growing percentage of the population, affecting both children and adults. Along with possible complications for eye, kidney and nerve damage, diabetes can detrimentally affect oral health.

Changes in blood sugar can affect your saliva production, often causing dry mouth. This can lead to a greater risk of tooth decay, ulcers and infections in the mouth as a result of increased bacteria. Woodbridge dentist Dr. Cavallo emphasizes the importance of routine preventive dental care to ALL patients, but especially those with diabetes and other systemic disease or cardiovascular disease- both of which are affected by dental health. At routine dental visits, Dr. Cavallo and his staff can spot potential problems in the early stages, when conservative dental treatment is most effective- and before permanent damage is done to the teeth and/or gum tissue.

Healthy Gums for Better Overall Health

Your periodontal health is important for many reasons, and for those with diabetes healthy gums can be a part of managing their disease better. The increase in bacteria that occurs with poor oral health can affect blood sugar and make it more difficult to manage the symptoms of diabetes, as well as increase the chances of experiencing other complications. Dr. Cavallo will make personalized recommendations for more effective oral hygiene for patients struggling with gum disease and monitor their oral health during routine exams.

Periodontal disease, made worse by diabetes, is a leading cause of tooth loss in adults. This can often be avoided by visiting the dentist regularly and maintaining your gum health.

A healthy lifestyle includes a healthy mouth! Dr. Cavallo is committed to helping his patients enjoy a great quality of life with a comfortable, functional smile. If you have diabetes and are concerned about your dental health- even if you have been away from the dentist for some time- call our Woodbridge VA dentist office and schedule an appointment. We welcome new patients and can help you restore a healthy smile.

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