When it comes to choosing a dentist, we know you have many choices in the Northern Virginia area. Dr. Cavallo offers a unique approach to your dental care, as a highly trained dentist practicing “complete dentistry” to provide better results and a functional, comfortable bite for patients.

Dr. Cavallo and our dedicated staff provide personalized one on one care for all of your dental health needs in an environment designed to make you feel welcomed, relaxed and respected. Our goal is to help you meet yours, whether than means maintaining, restoring or enhancing your natural smile.

We want you to receive dentistry that will not only address any present concerns, but support long term dental health. Sometimes treating the symptoms without taking the time to understand the underlying cause can lead to a recurrence of dental problems, or bigger ones down the road.

The Benefits of Complete Dentistry

Complete dentistry is a comprehensive diagnostic approach that looks at how ALL aspects of your oral health to see if there is an imbalance that is affecting your bite, or occlusion. An undiagnosed bite problem can lead to a wide range of problems from worn teeth to gum disease.

When you visit our Woodbridge dentist office for routine preventive care, Dr. Cavallo takes the time to evaluate your teeth, gums and jaw joints to ensure all are working together harmoniously for a comfortable bite that will not lead to other problems. Your smile should not only look good- it should also feel good!

Our staff makes every effort to address any personal concerns you may have, offering individualized oral hygiene advice to help you keep your smile healthy in between visits- and for the long run.

As a team we are committed to enabling you to enjoy the best possible quality of life with a healthy smile!

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