Before going out on the field this fall, Dr. Cavallo wants to remind you that your teeth are also at risk of injury during contact sports, and they do not grow back! Even when helmets are part of the required equipment, a collision or accident can still result in a damaged or knocked out tooth.

Woodbridge family dentist, Dr. Cavallo offers his patients custom sports mouthguards that provide the best protection and comfort. In our Northern Virginia dentist office, we routinely create custom mouth guards for athletes of all ages that are superior to one the counter mouth guard options.

Why Choose Custom Sport Mouth Guards

A custom fit mouth guard offers important benefits for both children and adults that can even improve on field performance:

  • Secure, comfortable fit: a custom mouth guard is made specially for you and will fit snugly and comfortably on your teeth
  • No need to bite down to keep the mouth guard in place: this reduces the energy used while playing sports, reduces tension that could cause headaches, and could potentially improve performance on the field
  • Made to protect any dental appliances: custom fit mouth guards can properly fit over braces and other appliances to protect your investment
  • Ability to breathe and speak normally: when fitted properly, a custom mouth guard will stay securely in place
  • Personalization: mouth guards are available in a variety of colors and can be personalized with the player’s name or team logo

Over the counter mouth guards are often uncomfortable and inadequate because they fit poorly and offer limited shock absorption. When improperly fitted, mouth guards can interfere with breathing and speech. Bulky, uncomfortable mouth guards are less likely to be worn, resulting in no protection for the teeth.

A custom fit mouth guard may encourage athletes to be more consistent with wearing this type of protection because it is comfortable. It is also less likely to be popped out of the mouth during contact play or an on field collision.

Creating a custom mouth guard is a simple process with two easy visits. During your first visit, Dr. Cavallo will make an impression of your teeth that will be uses to create the model of the mouth guard. On the second visit, Dr. Cavallo will fit the mouth guard and adjust as necessary to achieve a comfortable fit.

Contact our Woodbridge dentist office to schedule your appointment and order a custom sports mouth guard for you or your child- before fall sports begin!

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