Rhonda, Registered Dental Hygienist

Meet Woodbridge VA Dental Hygienist RhondaRhonda is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, where she obtained an associate in science and a bachelor of science in dental hygiene. She takes continuing education courses on a yearly basis at the University’s Health Science Center. With 37 years in the field of dentistry, she has spent the last 15 years serving patients at our practice.

Her duties include educating patients and giving them individualized home care instructions, taking and processing x-rays, performing dental cleanings and gum disease treatment. Helping patients improve their dental health is important to her. “We are a family oriented practice, and we care a lot about our patients,” says Rhonda.

When not at the practice, she uses her professional skills abroad on mission trips. She loves music, playing tennis, staying physically fit, and enjoys spending time with her husband, two grown children and grandchild.